Why Most Farburners Aren't Effective?

Fatburners are usually based on high amounts of stimulants, especially caffeine. 200mg, 300mg and even 400+. Caffeine is usually the cheapest ingredient, but let's be honest, also a quite effective performance enhancer for time-to-time use for occasional consumers. It wakes you up, speeds up your metabolism, elevates your heartbeat and blood pressure, mildly enhances the process of thermogenesis and decreases pain perception. But you have to ask yourself - is that 5% temporary metabolic spike during your usual run really a game changer? Or furthermore, does it last more than 1 or maybe 2h? Is the 4% greater power output or the 0,05°C higher body temperature really our strongest player? Common sense proposes the opposite.

Let's focus on caffeine since it is the world's most favorited drug. If we take a step ahead and check the physiology of our wakefulness receptors, we see that (large dosage of) caffeine cannot be effective in the long run. The caffeine is the alkaloid which shares the similar structure with specific nucleoside - the modulator which slows neural activities down when you feel sleepy. It acts as an antagonist by nature - when administrated, it takes over our "sleepeness" receptors so we don't notice the actual fatigue. 

But such functioning has to have some adverse effects. First is the so-called stimulant crash or boomerang effect which inevitably follows after the intake of a large amount of caffeine. We feel tired, wired and mentally impaired. But even more problematic is the chronic caffeine consumption which resemblances to chronic stress and is accompanied by gentle and unnoticed "flight-or-fight" response. Yes, the adrenaline rush is actually the pleasant side of evolution, the safe simulation of danger - if that lasts longer than a parachute jump, we can unknowingly push ourselves into troubles. What happens in that process?

The body thinks that we are facing danger and starts flooding itself with high amounts of the stress hormone cortisol to protect the processes that are not required for immediate survival. Large doses of glucose are being released into the bloodstream, for its immediate use. It is actually temporary and manageable diabetes, rapidly returning to its initial state.The arteries are being narrowed, what makes the heart pumping faster and harder. Why you get a common cold more often when you are under stress? Cortisol suppresses the immune system to reduce inflammation in the body (the role of acute inflammation is actually to increase healing - think of a usual scratch or ankle sprain). The immune system which is constantly addressing unabated inflammation can increase susceptibility to illnesses (flu), increased a tendency to develop autoimmune diseases and allergies, but also increases the risk of cancer through constant low-grade inflammation. Last but definitely not the least, since cortisol is derived from the same precursor as sexual hormones, it may consume it completely for itself, resulting in libido loss, disruption of the normal menstrual cycle and erection dysfunction. There were cases among sportsmen and burnt-out businessmen who were battling with hormonal perturbation for years after eliminating such stressors - this type of hormonally driven feedback loops often lead to endocrine disorders such as Graves’ disease, gonadal dysfunction, psychosexual dwarfism, disorders in thyroid function and obesity. What is the purpose of fatburners, if the negative feedback accumulates the fat under the skin or even in internal organs?

Nduranz FUSION is designed exactly in the opposite way. Since Fusion is primarily intended for endurance athletes, it contains highly potent natural adaptogenic herbs as ginseng and Rhodiola. Adaptogens - as Dr. Valeri Polyakov, the specialist in Astronautics medicine defined them - increase the body's ability to produce a non-specific response to stress.

If you are not burdened with additional stress derived from intensive or long-lasting endurance training (no matter what causes it, space flights, junk food, radiation, sleep deprivation, your wife or boss)  you can train longer and more intensive, your mental abilities are enhanced (both of them are also nootropics, reducing mental fatigue) and your hormonal system is optimized in a way that your body doesn't store fat when you rest (no danger, no need for reserves). Why this reflects also in significantly increased VO2 max and the lactic threshold is still not entirely explained. The "life energy", mentioned yet in Yan dynasty writings, probably derives from the actual adrenal response via normalizing ACTH axis (adrenocorticotropic hormone) and not from stimulants. A small amount of caffeine (20mg per capsule) is combined with green tea extract, whose amino acid L-theanine promotes alpha-1 brain waves. Cayenne pepper and ginger are probably the most effective and proven thermogenics you can think of - just ask your grandmother. To make the fat burning process even more effective, Nduranz added an extract of the most jealous looking flower adored by children - dandelion. Dandelion battles against water and toxic metabolites retention, while proanthocyanidins from grape seed not only act as a highly potent antioxidant but also as a natural vasodilator. Forget arginine - grape seed extracts elevates both your blood flow and nitric oxide molecules (via endothelial nitric oxide synthase expression known as eNOS to resistance training enthusiasts). Some studies suggest that grape seed extract can actually inhibit aromatase (the hormone which converts testosterone into estrogen in male and women) a consequently has the ability to increase testosterone levels and lower estrogen. That is not beneficial just for losing weight - there is a really strong correlation between the high level of estrogen and the incidence of breast cancer.

Fusion is no doubt the most potent fatburner, despite that it is originally formulated to increase peak athletic performance. More oxygen, enhance mood, increased libido, long-lasting energy. So far, we haven't encountered a single customer, who was not totally overwhelmed with Fusion.




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